Agile Environment

      What are the latest tools and techniques for requirements gathering in an Agile environment? Do you see any emerging trends? 

In Agile frequent delivery is required and scope of documentation is very less.
In Agile development module, the benefits of getting “continuous” feedback from client came into process. This leads to organizations to recognize the opportunity to continue gathering requirements throughout the process — refining, clarifying, and discovering new requirements.
But as in Agile changes are so frequent we need to keep track of all this. Due to this tools helps us a lot.
Arbiter is a requirements gathering and verification tool for web projects. Its aim is to sharpen the communication between stakeholders and developers.
A JAD(Joint Application Design) is a facilitated and highly structured meeting that has specific roles of leader, speaker, facilitator, participant and observer.  JADs have defined rules of behaviour including when to speak, and typically use a round or U-shaped table. Motive is to distribute a appropriate agenda and an information package which everyone is expected.  MOM(Minutes of Meeting) are written and distributed after a meeting, including a list of action items assigned during the JAD that the facilitator is responsible for ensuring are actually performed.Image

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