Agile Software Development Methodologies

Let’s have Project Managers share their opinion: Does test-driven development fall into project manager duties? 

With any project whatever methodology we may use like agile (XP, scrum…) or traditional (waterfall, spiral…) they all almost have same goal/target and phases.  Goal of providing guidelines/discipline for better, manageable software development; all methodologies have feasibility, planning, requirements, risk analysis,  closing of a project apart from design, development and testing phases but it’s just the way how they are implemented/maintained or outlined by that particular methodology. Planning, requirements, risk analysis, closing come under the umbrella of roles/responsibilities of project manager; he is the bridge between clients, company and people working on a project. TDD is one of the agile practices that facilitates robust, manageable and testable code upfront though it have its challenges,  even in TDD all the aspects of project management are present which cannot be neglected.Image

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